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Enjoy In-Home guitar lessons in Calgary with Steve – Calgary’s most successful guitar teacher. From the comfort and convenience of your home, Steve offers flexible scheduling, promises fun lessons and guarantess immediate results. No contract or lesson-cancellation penalties like other teachers and schools.

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guitar lessons in Calgary

Hi, I’m Steve, a highly experienced guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Now living in Calgary, I attended Concordia University’s music program in Montreal and have performed live and recorded in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Nashville, and more.

As a full-time guitar, vocals and songwriting teacher, students can expect the utmost in professionalism including reliability, punctuality and patience. LOTS AND LOTS OF PATIENCE!

*90% of New Guitar Players Quit Within Their First Year. Learn From a PRO!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, intermediate or experienced guitarist who’s stagnated, you’ve come to the right place for guitar lessons. Many of my students contacted me after losing virtually all motivation to continue playing from their prior guitar teachers or tried learning off the Internet, only to become very frustrated. I have also taught, and continue to teach, many students with special needs.

My successful guitar teaching philosophy is simple:

The more fun it is to learn, the more you will be motivated to play (i.e. practice) and progress DRAMATICALLY faster!

guitar lessons in Calgary

To ensure this “fun factor” my students are encouraged to request the songs they wish to learn and play, and not what a teacher wants them to play.

I teach approximately 40 students ranging from 8 to 84 years old; most on a weekly basis. In my experience, students learning on a weekly basis simply progress faster than students on a bi-weekly (and longer) basis, as the latter tend to lose momentum and motivation. Weekly lessons help prevent procrastination in terms of practice and allow the previous week’s lesson material to still be fairly fresh in your head.

Quickly learn to play your favourite classic rock, rock, alternative, folk, blues, ballads, country, pop, and other songs on acoustic or electric guitar plus singing and songwriting techniques.

For a list of popular songs taught click here


guitar lessons in calgary

  1. Enjoy practicing so that it’s a pleasure and not a drag.
  2. Progress much faster than with other guitar teachers.
  3. Learn how to sing and play guitar simultaneously.
  4. Become a good guitar player and better all-around musician.
  5. Learn live performance skills and techniques.
  6. Learn recording studio skills and techniques.
  7. Learn to play (nice) with other guitarists and different musicians.
  8. Learn how to write (good) songs.
  9. Learn lead vocal and background vocal techniques.
  10. Learn all about strumming, chords, lead guitar, riffs, muting, finger picking & more!
  11. Boost cognitive skills (attention, memory, coordination motor skills, multi-tasking etc.)
  12. Learn about the many digital apps available to musicians (without hurting yourself).
  13. Play songs by heart/ear/feel.
  14. Learn just enough basic theory.
  15. Significantly sharpen your listening skills.
  16. Improve creativity (songwriting, music arrangements etc.)
  17. Select from over 750 popular guitar songs I’ve taught. (Check ‘em out here)
  18. Develop self-teaching techniques.
  19. Have tons of fun playing your favourite songs!


The following is a list of what every guitar player should learn in order to become a better, well-rounded and more confident guitarist and musician. This list applies not only to in-home guitar lesson students in Calgary, but guitar students everywhere.


  • 24 Notes [Name all notes on first 3 frets of each of 6 strings including open string names.]
  • 4 Octave Shapes
  • Bars/Measures Explained
  • Bass Notes for Each Chord
  • Chord Voicings
  • Common Chord Progressions: I  IV V [ex. G C D],   I vi  IV V  [ex. G Em C D]
  • Half, Quarter 8th 16th Notes Explained
  • Key Changes vs Modulation
  • Key Signatures Explained
  • Octaves Explained
  • Open & Bar Chords
  • Piano Keyboard Explained
  • Reading Tabs
  • Rhythm/Melody/Harmony
  • Scales: Chromatic, Pentatonics (Major & Minor), Major
  • Triads Explained
  • Different Chord Voicings


  • Tuning by Ear (String to String)
  • Figure Out First Note, Chord or Key by Ear
  • Identify Note Intervals
  • Identify Major, Minor & 7th Chords
  • Listen and Replay Melodies on Your Guitar


  • RnR Progression 4-String + Bar Chords
  • Double Stops
  • Slides/Bends/Vibrato/Hammer Ons & Pull Offs
  • Palm & Chord (Fretting Hand) Muting
  • Fingerstyle: Basic Random Strings + Brushing


  • Connecting Chords w/Fills
  • Improvisation w/Recordings & Playbacks
  • Moveable Chords
  • 9th Chords
  • Recording Self (Audio or Video) for self-reflection
  • Common Strumming Patterns
  • Music Humor (Keeping it fun)
  • Backing Vocals and Harmonies Explained


  • Know how to play (and sing) at least 3 songs by heart.
  • Home Recording (Audacity)
  • Looper for YouTube Usage
  • Play Songs as Instrumentals
  • Original Arrangements (Covers) of Popular Songs
  • Figure Out Songs By Ear
  • Playing and Practicing with Backing Tracks and/or Drum Tracks

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